The Virtual Physiological Human - Network of Excellence (VPH-NoE)

The VPH NoE is a project which aims to help support and progress European research in biomedical modelling and simulation of the human body. This will improve our ability to predict, diagnose and treat disease, and have a dramatic impact on the future of healthcare, the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Project Objectives

The VPH Network of Excellence (VPH NoE) is designed to foster, harmonise and integrate pan-European research in the field of i) patient-specific computer models for personalised and predictive healthcare and ii) ICT-based tools for modelling and simulation of human physiology and disease-related processes.

The main objectives of the VPH Network of Excellence are to support the: 


  • Coordination of research portfolios of VPH NoE partners through initiation of Exemplar integrative research projects that encourage inter-institution and interdisciplinary VPH research;
  • Integration of research infrastructures of VPH NoE partners through development of the VPH Too lKit: a shared and mutually accessible source of research equipment, managerial and research infrastructures, f acilities and services;
  • Development of a po rtfolio of interdisciplinary training activities including a formal consultation on, and assessment of, VPH careers;
  • Establishment of a core set of VPH-related dissemination and networking activities which will engage everyone from partners within the VPH NoE/other VPH projects, to national policy makers, to the public at large;
  • Creation of Industrial, Clinical and Scientific Advisory Boards that will jointly guide the direction of the VPH NoE and, through consultation, explore the practical and legal options for real and durable integration within the VPH research community;
  • Implementation of key working groups that will pursue specific issues relating to VPH, notably integrating VPH research worldwide through international physiome initiatives.

Finally, by involving clinical and industrial stakeholders, VPH NoE also plans to lay a reliable ground to support sustainable interactions and collaboration between research and healthcare communities.

Links to VPH NoE Exemplar Project Portal Pages

EP1 - Multi-organ Modelling EP2 - Integrating Musculoskeletal Modelling EP3 - The Vertical and Horizontal Atherome
EP4 - Drug Safety Modelling EP5 - Modelling Brain Function EP6 - Ontological Interoperability
EP7 - Integrating Genetics with Models EP8 - Infrastructure EP9 - HPC for Image Simulation
EP10 - STI Modelling EP11 -Tissue Modelling